Industrial gaskets and washers

Advantages of using rubber gaskets without sulfur content, such as peroxide EPDM or silicone, in LED luminaire installations.

In recent years, LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology has experienced significant growth due to its energy efficiency and durability. For luminaire manufacturers, it is vitally important to take into account the materials used in the manufacture of components such as gaskets and washers integrated into LED luminaires. The sulfur content present in most rubbers can cause damage and reduce the useful life of the installations, so it is advisable not to use peroxide EPDM gaskets in their manufacture.


Next, we are going to explain, in a few lines, the need to avoid the use of sulfur-containing rubbers and the advantages of using sulfur-free rubber gaskets, such as peroxide EPDM and silicone in its different forms.


Effects of using sulfur-containing gaskets in LED lamp installations:

– Corrosion: The sulfur present in some rubbers can react with the components of the LED lamps, generating corrosion and damaging the materials.

– Component degradation: Sulfur can negatively affect lamp components, such as electrical contacts and heat sinks, reducing their efficiency and performance.

– Release of toxic gases: The combination of sulfur with other elements can produce toxic gases, such as hydrogen sulfide, which are harmful to human health and can affect the environment.

Advantages of using rubber gaskets without sulfur content:

– Resistance to corrosion: Sulfur-free rubbers, such as peroxide EPDM and silicone, are highly resistant to corrosion, which guarantees greater durability of LED luminaire installations.

– Compatibility with other materials: These rubbers are compatible with a wide range of materials used in the manufacture of LED lamps, which avoids incompatibility problems and facilitates the assembly process.

– Thermal stability: Peroxide EPDM and silicone are materials with excellent thermal stability, which allows gaskets made with these materials to withstand extreme temperatures without deformation or deterioration.

– Electrical insulation: These rubbers provide excellent electrical insulation, which is crucial to maintain the safety and performance of LED lamps.


Examples of applications:

a) Gaskets for sealing LED luminaires:

The use of sulfur-containing rubbers in the gaskets and seals of LED lamps can result in light leakage and a reduction in lamp life. Instead, the use of sulfur-free rubber gaskets such as peroxide EPDM or silicone ensures optimal sealing and greater resistance to aging.


b) Protective coatings:

Sulfur-free rubber gaskets are used as protective coatings in LED fixture installations to prevent corrosion and damage caused by exposure to moisture, chemicals, or high temperatures.


c) Electrical insulators:

Silicone gaskets in their different forms, whether compact, spongy or cellular, are widely used as electrical insulators in LED lamps. It provides a high level of dielectric resistance, thermal insulation, and tightness, which guarantees safe and fault-free performance.


The proper choice of materials used in LED lamp installations is essential to guarantee their efficiency, durability and safety. Avoiding the use of sulfur-containing rubbers and opting for sulfur-free rubbers, such as peroxide EPDM and silicone, offers numerous advantages, such as corrosion resistance, compatibility with other materials, thermal stability, tightness, and electrical insulation. These materials guarantee optimum sealing, corrosion protection and safe performance of the LED lamps. By using sulfur-free rubbers, we can improve the quality and useful life of these facilities, in addition to reducing negative impacts on health and the environment. It is critical that manufacturers, designers and final users consider these benefits when selecting materials for their LED lamps, thus promoting more efficient and sustainable use of this ever-growing technology.


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