What are vulcanized fiber washers used for?

Vulcanized fiber is a strong material, known for its exceptional properties, making it an ideal choice for washer manufacturing.

Vulcanized fiber is produced submitting cellulose through a complex manufacturing process. Cellulose is treated with chemicals, which breaks it down into pulp. The pulp is molded into sheets and subjected to high temperature and pressure in the presence of zinc chloride or sulfur. This process, known as vulcanization, transforms the cellulose sheets into vulcanized fiber, giving it strength and rigidity. From these plates, washers are cut.


Mechanical properties.

Vulcanized fiber washers have exceptional mechanical properties, making them suitable for demanding applications. The material exhibits high tensile strength, which allows the fiber washers to withstand compressive forces and serve to prevent leakage. It also shows excellent impact resistance, ensuring longevity and durability. Additionally, vulcanized fiber washers are dimensionally stable, maintaining their shape and structural integrity even under high pressures.

In summary, mechanically, fiber washers have:

  • High tensile strength.
  • Excellent tear resistance.
  • Resistance to vibration and impact.

Electrical Properties.

In addition to their good mechanical performance, vulcanized fiber washers also have remarkable electrical properties. Its inherent electrical insulating properties make it an ideal choice for electrical applications such as insulating joints. Vulcanized fiber prevents the flow of electrical current, so fiber washers act by protecting sensitive components from short circuits and electrical risks, thanks to their low dielectric constant and dissipation factor. Likewise, its high resistance to electric arc makes these washers a perfect ally as an electrical insulator.

Thermal properties of vulcanized fiber washers:

  • High thermal stability.
  • Resistant to heat and moderate fire.
  • Low thermal conductivity.


Uses of vulcanized fiber gaskets and washers in industrial machinery.


Vulcanized fiber washers for sealing applications

  • Pipe flange joints.
  • Valve cover gaskets.
  • Pump joints.
  • Compressor gaskets.
  • Head gaskets.

Vulcanized fiber washers for insulation applications

  • Electric transformers.
  • Sets of switching equipment.
  • Engine boxes.
  • Control panels.
  • Circuit breakers.

Vulcanized fiber washers for noise and vibration damping applications

  • Mounting pads.
  • Shock absorbers.
  • Equipment bases.

Vulcanized fiber washers for thermal insulation applications

  • Heat exchangers.
  • Oven doors and seals.
  • Furnace components.
  • Boilers.
  • Thermal expansion joints.

Benefits of vulcanized fiber gaskets and washers

  • Reliability and durability.
  • Long-lasting performance.
  • Resistant to wear, tear and aging.
  • Withstands difficult operating conditions.
  • Compatible with various fluids and gases.
  • Suitable for a wide temperature range.
  • It can be custom manufactured for specific requirements.
  • Economical compared to alternative materials.
  • Lower maintenance and replacement costs.
  • Environmental friendly.
  • Made with renewable and recyclable materials.
  • Minimal environmental impact.
  • Does not release harmful substances.


At Manufactures Cusell, we are specialized in the custom manufacturing of washers, gaskets, plates, and vulcanized fiber parts. We also manufacture vulcanized fiber washers certified for use with potable water.

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